Hi. My name is Oscar although most people know me by my initials- O.G.

I started my creative agency + production company while in high school some 15 years ago. Little did I know how my curiosity of the world and love for telling storytelling would completely transform my life.  

I spent the last several years traveling the world with a variety of musicians, helping to tell their stories. For someone who didn't get on a plane for the first time until age 24, to now have a passport overflowing with visa stamps is pretty crazy.

While I continue to help people and brands tell their stories- I spend just as much time working as an encourager. A what? An encourager- Someone who infects others with positive energy. Someone who helps people recognize their gifts. Someone who uplifts.

In 2015, I created #riskhappy, a personal art project turned media brand, that uses social media as a way to help people become friends with fear. It's one of the most important project's I've worked on and is now the focus of my life's work.

You can find @riskhappy on Instagram here.

Based in Austin, TX. All inquires- hello@observegood.com